FAQs Get the 411

Q: Where are you guys?
A: We’re at 17 Murray Street between Church Street and Broadway in the heart of Tribeca.
Q: What’s the easiest way to get there?
A: We’re at the nexus of nearly every major subway line as well as the PATH. You can find directions here.
Q: How’s parking around there?
A: Surprisingly not too bad. You can often find free street parking on Murray or adjacent blocks, but if your parking space karma is off that day (happens to all of us!) there’s a paid, 24-hour parking lot on Barclay Street between Church and Broadway, just two blocks south of Dark Horse.
Q: How’s the food there?
A: Dang good! At most comedy clubs, food is an afterthought at best, and often a bigger joke than anything you’ll hear from the stage (think defrosted chicken fingers and microwave pizza). At Dark Horse, we offer the most diverse menu of any club in New York, featuring everything from bar food staples to creative salads to exceptional entrees, so everyone in your party can get exactly what they want. And it’s all really tasty and reasonably priced.
Q: I already have tickets, do I need to make a reservation?
Yes! Our shows often sell out, so it’s best to make a reservation at least 2 days in advance to guarantee your seats. The easiest way is to reserve online here [link to reservations] and receive an instant confirmation. If you prefer, you can also make a reservation by emailing info@darkhorsecomedyclub.com, or texting or calling 646-504-JOKE (5653).
Q: I don’t have tickets yet – where can I get them?
A: Right here!
Q: Can I use my Dark Horse tickets (or Groupon, Living Social voucher, etc.) at Tribeca Comedy Lounge?
A: Absolutely! We’re run by the same team, and are only one block apart, so we’re happy accept any sort of tickets for one club at the other. Just be sure you make reservations for whichever place you want: Dark Horse or Tribeca
Q: What’s the minimum age to attend a show?
A: With parents or guardian we don’t impose a minimum age – we figure father (and mother) know best! Unaccompanied, our minimum age is 16. Generally, our shows are “R” rated – there may be profanity and discussion of “adult” topics like sex and drugs (which your kids probably know more about than you anyway – thanks internet!)
Q: Is there a dress code?
A: Nope, we just want you to be comfortable and relaxed. Of course, like all dining establishments, basic attire and footwear are required, so if “comfortable” for you means just a speedo, you’re going to need to dress up slightly.
Q: Is there a food or drink minimum?
A: Yes, like most comedy clubs, we ask that each customer purchase at least two items (food or drink, and drinks don’t have to be alcoholic – we just want you hydrated for all the laughing you’ll be doing!)
Q: How early should I get there?
A: Please arrive at at least 20 minutes before showtime to get seated, order drinks and food, and fasten your comedy seatbelts!