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Intraprise Solutions and Level1Analytics Strengthen Strategic Partnership

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Originally posted on November 6, 2014

Intraprise Solutions Provides Development and Design Support for Level1Analytics Mortgage Valuation Product

Yardley, PA – December 10, 2013 — Intraprise Solutions, a custom software provider, and Level1Analytics, a provider of cloud-based mortgage valuation and other financial modeling software, today announced the expansion of their long-time strategic partnership to encompass further technology sharing as well as the creation of a joint sales and marketing program.

Working closely with Level1Analytics, Intraprise Solutions continues to enhance Level1Analytics’ Mortgage Software Valuation products, LI-MSR and L1-Loans. These products are a first of their kind set of cloud-based software products that provide banks, mortgage banks, insurance companies and others with the do-it-yourself capabilities to value and stress test their Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSR) and Mortgage Loans.

This latest revision, version 9.0, provides many enhanced and new features, including:

• An exciting new web service interface designed to open valuable Level1Analytics features to external companies and service bureaus through seamless integration, thereby creating the foundation for an MSR valuation ecosystem on which other applications can be developed

• An expanded calculation engine to provide Level1 and Level2 loan-level valuations with significantly improved reporting capabilities

• Optional daily spread adjustments based on market moves and loan and rate valuation changes, specifically helpful to customers requiring more frequent portfolio valuations (e.g., weekly or daily)

“Intraprise Solutions continues to provide the innovation and technical expertise we have come to rely on over the last 5 years.  Their systems engineering expertise, as well as their knowledge of the financial services industry and experience with financial analytics and modeling have made working with them a key component of our success,” said Dr. Thomas J. Healy, CMB, president of Level1Analytics.

“We believe strongly in the Level1Analytics’ cloud-based business model and continue to work closely with them to provide a high degree of innovative thinking and solution delivery. Our software engineers are among the best in the business and have transformed Level1Analytics’ sophisticated valuation methods and approach into a cloud-based solution that improves speed, accuracy, and accessibility.  Moreover, in a new and evolving regulatory environment, Level1Analytics’ clients can rest comfortably knowing the technology serving their valuation needs is evolving not only with technology but in support of the regulatory environment”, said Todd J. Fisher, Chairman, Intraprise Solutions.