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Intraprise Solutions Launches Leadership & Executive Consulting Service

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Originally posted on October 22, 2014

Designs and Evaluates Business Growth Strategies for Investors and their Companies

Yardley, PA – July 22, 2014 — Intraprise Solutions, a long time provider of technology innovation, today announced the launch of its new Leadership and Executive Consulting Service, geared towards assisting companies in the private equity and investment banking markets with a technology-oriented focus on opportunity assessment, early stage growth, and strategic mergers and acquisitions activities. Since 1997, Intraprise Solutions has itself leveraged its core technology consulting and software engineering services as a new business incubator to assess opportunities, and launch, grow, merge, buy, and sell companies and their assets to enhance market position and value across multiple vertical markets. This experience has vastly increased the value and effectiveness of the consulting services Intraprise Solutions is providing to firms in the private equity and investment banking community

“Our experience in various vertical markets with companies of all sizes has given rise to a combination of leadership style and philosophy and assessment rigor and practice that is well suited for the private equity and investment banking markets,” said Todd Fisher Chairman and Founder of Intraprise Solutions. “Our new service offering will aid those wishing to evaluate opportunities as well as execute on decisions. We offer a ‘multiplier effect’ to those companies looking to identify and grow asset and company value.”

As part of its Executive Consulting Service, Intraprise Solutions offers:

  • Technology due diligence review – A comprehensive information technology review that provides an unbiased assessment of the technology and operations underlying the target company’s products or services.
  • Strategic assessment and consulting – Evaluation of the target company’s idea, structure and strategy that provides recommendations on process improvements, organizational structure and scalability.
  • Opportunity and value discovery – Evaluation of a target company’s product and business plan to identify and provide insights on market challenges, growth potential and product and service extensibility.
  • Execution assistance – Senior leadership consulting that aids in identifying and executing business growth strategies using a variety of methods from strategic consulting to temporary assignment in executive level positions.

“Our experience developing and deploying technology systems, as well as with mergers, acquisitions and start-ups gives us a unique perspective on the opportunities and challenges companies face regarding their business,” said Ralph Arcaro, Chief Executive Officer of Intraprise Solutions. “Working with various stakeholders, we have been able to help them evaluate their options and make sound business and technology decisions in a fast-paced business environment that favors outstanding execution – with almost 20 years of experience, we know what works.”

For more information on Intraprise Solutions’ Executive Consulting services, please contact Laura Ali 973-723-3084.